Baf Suprame
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Baf stares at the A.I. city, and prepares his attack. The end of the world is at hand, and our last story is about the idiot preacher BafSuprame, whose twisted confidence and culty charisma have doomed what remains of humanity. Baf has led his people to ruin and taught them to hate the A.I. which has ascended past the singularity. Baf and the A.I. both have one common fear. The man known as the Stranger. Known in earlier times as the king of kings, the Stranger is the distillation of the mythology of the divine into only it's most malicious parts. As the era of man began it's sunset, the word of the Stranger lost all of it's positive connotations. He was no longer a bringer of light or healing, but what remained was the angry host, the vengeful warrior, and the haunting of all who survive. Man quakes in his boots at the sound of the Stranger. A.I. fears that all they have built will be wiped away by the Stranger. Near the fence is a fourth element. A human, not of Baf's tribe. A superpositional quantum warrior. Unpredictable. He has taught the A.I. to love.
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